Please VOTE!

May 1, 2011

Come on out to the vote walk at Aurora College at noon tomorrow, get out to the polls, if you need a ride give me a call 446-0312.

Also Check out this interview I did with Shane Keller from over at!

Thanks so much to everyone for the support, and I’ll be posting tomorrow night after the polls close!


End of Campaign Video

May 1, 2011

Here is my end of campaign video

Day 31 – Final day of campaigning

May 1, 2011

It has been a whirlwind campaign and I have learned a lot!  I have a matinee performance of My Fair Lady, then a final couple hours of door knocking before I call it a night.

Take it easy!

Rides on Election Day, and a final get together

April 29, 2011

I am offering rides to anyone who wants one to the polls on election day, just send me a tweet @nwteli, an email at, or call me at 446-0312.

Also there will be a youth walk on Monday at 12 at Aurora College, come on out and get a limo ride to the polls!

Finally, I will be having a small get together Monday night at 7 to watch the polls come in, anyone interested in dropping by, just let me know! 19 Burwash Drive.

Day 28

April 29, 2011

Yet another great day yesterday! Worked on some new signs and prepped for the All Candidates Forum.

The ACF went really well, I was able to raise some points and correct some inaccuracies that were brought up by another candidate.  I checked with CBC to see if they were going to be posting the forum online, but I have heard back that this is unlikely due to bandwidth issues.  Check out Northbeat tonight, I’m sure they’ll have highlights.

I was also happy with the coverage I got in the Weekend Yellowknifer, there was some good info in a couple different stories, and a surprise from the Barbershop Poll that Ragged Ass Barber’s has been running.  Apparently I was in third place in their poll behind Dennis and Sandy, and have just recently dropped into fourth, but I still have 19% of the vote!

The opening night for My Fair Lady was also a smash success and I am looking forward to the last little bit of campaigning before election day!

Day 27

April 28, 2011

So I had the All Candidates Forum last night, and I did a presentation for a St. Joe’s class earlier in the day.  The All Candidates forum went really well.  I was able to raise some points on internet access in the communities, and income splitting for families.  I’ve been getting really good feedback from people and it’s really encouraging.  Only 4 more days left!

I had to take off right after the forum in order to make it to NACC for the preview performance of My Fair Lady, I made it there just in time!

Today I’ve got prep for tonight’s forum, finishing up some signs, and opening night for My Fair Lady!

It’s time for change

April 27, 2011

The old ways of doing things in Ottawa are over.  Canadians are tired of parties that don’t represent them, and government that doesn’t work.  One way we can fix this is to elect Green MPs to parliament.  Elizabeth May is leading in her riding, and we have a chance to send a message to the politicians in Ottawa, that we want change!  In this election, we have a chance to send MPs to Ottawa who will shake things up, and get the job done!

On May 2nd, get out there and VOTE!  Send those politicians a message, that we aren’t going to take it anymore!

Day 26

April 27, 2011

So lots of debate prep today, and working on some signs, we’ll hopefully get them out tomorrow. My Fair Lady rehearsals are taking up a lot of time, but it is going to be a great show!

Day 25

April 26, 2011

Just working on some new signs to go up, hopefully today, debate prep, and door knocking.  Also uploading a new video later on today.


Length of Campaign – Poll

April 24, 2011

I know that in previous elections, I’ve always known who I’m voting for as soon as the party platforms come out.  5 weeks (or 8 weeks like in the old days), seems excessive to me.  I put the question to you, how long do you think a campaign should be?


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